Windscreen Laws South Africa

We have discussed windshield safety on the website in detail in a section titled Road Safety and Your Windshield It is important to realize that the national highway code only specifies what is necessary in terms of the quality of the windshield used and the need to ensure the visibility of the driver. It is not illegal to drive where the crack is not in the driver`s sight and does not obstruct their vision. While driving with a cracked windshield may not be a punishable offence, it should not be designed to be safe! We`ve all experienced the pesky little chip on our windshields. This may not bother motorists much and can be easily fixed! However, if the chip becomes a crack going through the windshield, we must ask ourselves if it is really time to replace the windshield. The windshield must be recognized as an important element of vehicle safety. Given the dangers that can come from a damaged windshield, it is important that cracked or broken windshields be repaired by a qualified technician as soon as possible. (c) if, from 1 January 2000, material or sheet with a textured surface is affixed to the rear window covering more than one-eighth of that rear window, windscreen or side window. What are the traffic rules for windshield safety? Technically, yes, but it is not a crime to have a cracked windshield. The offence is related to obstructing the driver`s vision. Poor shape and fit improves calibration, which negatively impacts your vehicle`s centering as well as sensor-controlled lane and distance control. High-quality factories will use robotics to adjust your calibration sensor so that it fits the windshield with millimeter accuracy.

(b) unless the film or dye material applied to windshields, panes or partitions are free of blisters, cracks or scratches; and on Monday morning I broke the windshield of my car, I did not obstruct it and today, Friday the 22nd, I received a fine of R 500 and I have to pay it, which is no problem for me. Murugan said RTI has not punished drivers for simple stickers on their windshields, but will continue to prosecute those who had stickers that obstructed their vision. Gary Ronald, A.A.`s director of public affairs, said the law doesn`t say only stickers with images are illegal. The by-law states: “No person may drive a motor vehicle on a highway. if, from 1 January 2000, a material or sheet with an image or graphic on the textured surface is applied to a windscreen or window. It`s just that I can`t pay the fine and replace the windshield before the allowed time and can I be arrested and punished again for the same offense? The windshield also provides vertical support and prevents the roof of the car from crashing. During a rollover, a cracked or broken windshield can cause the roof to collapse, resulting in potentially serious injuries. The statistics mainly show the danger and increased risk to passengers in a rollover accident in which the roof is crushed. Policy 202. (1) No person shall drive motor vehicles on a highway that is equipped with a windshield, window or partition made of transparent material.

“Windshield graphics on the side windows that do not let in 35 percent or more light into the vehicle, and windshield graphics on the front and rear windows that do not allow 70 percent or more light into the vehicle are not allowed,” Murugan said. (b) except in the case of a windshield, other than a windshield mounted on a motorcycle or tricycle, made of that transparent material. We would like to emphasize the importance of windshield safety and why a cracked windshield can pose a significant threat to your safety in the vehicle: These companies, in turn, market their names on OEM glass products on the market – if they look at your windshield, you should see one of the logos of these companies next to your car manufacturer`s emblem. In this section, we would like to look at what the Road Traffic Act prescribes for windshield safety and why we need to look beyond the legal requirements and also focus on what is necessary for road safety! The KwaZulu-Natal Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI), which is determined to crack down on motorists with stickers on their car windows, has suspended its campaign until existing laws change. (a) unless the transmission of visible light is (i) the windscreen is at least 70%; and (ii) any other window is at least 35 per cent, measured in accordance with paragraph 6.3. of standard specification SABS 1191 “Safety glass for windows”; (b) unless the film or dye material applied to windshields, panes or partitions are free of blisters, cracks or scratches; (c) if from 1. January 2000, a textured surface material or sheet is applied to the rear window with an image or graphic covering more than one-eighth of that rear window or windscreen or side window. “We are very happy because in the first 15 years before the Gazette, we advised motorists not to have windows with less than 35% light transmission. It also means that anyone with a darker leaf shade must remove them from their vehicle, according to the Gazette.

Levy said the regulations have eliminated any uncertainty in the window tinting industry and put the industry on a concrete floor. Windows across South Africa must acknowledge the hard work that has been done to lay the foundations for this industry and the millions of rands that have been spent promoting solar and grip shades for cars. The provisions of Regulation 202 shall apply. You can only affix stickers to the rear window. In short, the window film not only protects the owner of the car, but also contributes to greater comfort and therefore safer driving. be flat or spherical convex and have an average radius of curvature of at least one decimal point of two metres; or “We`ve been waiting for these regulations for over 15 years,” said Leon Levy, CEO of Klingshield SA cc. We worked with SABS to demonstrate the value of safety films on car windows. Investigations into window tint have been ongoing for years. Authorities were concerned about the dangers of driving caused by tinted windows and the safety problems faced by traffic and police officers when checking vehicles.

In addition to distributing the impact of an impact, the windshield supports the airbags, especially on the passenger side. When the airbag deploys in an accident, it expands outward and presses against the windshield before exiting to support the passenger. While seat belts are the primary means of protecting passengers from ejection in the event of a collision, the windshield also plays an important role. For passengers who are not wearing their seat belts or in situations where the seat belt is broken, broken or severed during the accident, the windshield can provide a last resort of protection to ensure that occupants remain inside the vehicle. Even a small chip in the windshield can cause the windshield to break on impact, allowing passengers to be ejected from the vehicle. “We are mainly focusing on stickers that obscure the driver`s view, so the National Department of Transportation has suspended its prosecution until the law is amended to clarify this fact,” he said. According to RTI spokesperson Vijen Murugan, there was some confusion about the implementation of the law. In South Africa, it is all too common for large car manufacturers, also known as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to encourage customers to buy more expensive replacement glass. Internationally, the trend is for car owners to rely more on OEE glass. In the European and American market, only 1.5-2% of car owners use original glass when it comes to replacing windshields.

In South Africa, this trend is 15 to 18%. And in recent months with Autoboys, we`ve seen that number fluctuate often around 26%. So it`s clear that if local consumers need to become more aware of their options, as this allows them to make better choices. The AA said it would discuss the issue with each of the nine provincial governments and at the national level. “We believe motorists and vehicle owners should have a grace period to remove graphics and stickers from their vehicle windows,” Kruger said. “This is yet another opportunity to make money quickly with our drivers.” (ii) a bus or minibus window or bulkhead; or This photo was taken today at the corner of Brebner Road and Brill Street in Bloemfontein. [Also note -no license plates] Replacing your windshield or other glass in your motor vehicle should not be a painful and expensive experience. “We believe that the application of this regulation is disproportionate.