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Since 1978, NJAWBO has been helping women achieve their entrepreneurial vision by providing them with the tools they need for development and growth, including networking, collaboration, education, leadership, professional development and mentorship. In addition, NJAWBO is the voice of women entrepreneurs in the New Jersey Legislature. All this makes NJAWBO an indispensable organization for women entrepreneurs. Join NJAWBO and see how you can benefit as a member of our community and help your business grow. Stay up to date on business concepts with your free subscription to the ABWA Achieve newsletter. Women Business Owners is a community of business people who motivate and support each other to achieve our individual visions of success. Our main objective is to support and encourage the participation of women in business. This special focus of NJAWBO – women support women – makes NJAWBO a unique and extraordinary business community. Improve your business acumen on Apex Campus, ABWA`s exclusive e-learning portal and Summer Solstice series We`re here to help you start and grow your small business The mission of the American Business Women`s Association is to bring together businesswomen from different professions and give them the opportunity to help themselves and others.

Develop personally and professionally through leadership. Education, network support and national recognition. My husband and I are the inventors of a new product that combines protection and beauty for high heels. We have been married for over 29 years and work side by side to surpass life`s chances. We have two beautiful teenage sons who support our project and learn that dreams can come true with persistent work and determination. Since we got married, my husband has supported my decision to go to school and sacrificed his own goals by having to do several jobs as a security guard to support the family. His unconditional support allowed me to be the first person in my family to graduate from high school and a PhD in post-secondary and adult education. We are very fortunate to have our two sons in college now, but these expenses also limit the money we can use to make our product. We are passionate about making the impossible possible. With this loan, we will be able to manufacture our product, turn our dreams into a business and create new jobs, while offering women who wear high heels a product to extend the life of their shoes and improve the appearance of their heels. We have the will to succeed in our invention, but we need help for the last mile. Obtaining this loan would be vital for us.

Now that she`s raised money through the Florida Women`s Business Center`s Kiva Hub program, she`s ready to take her business to the next level. And save thousands of dollars on discounted courses, commercial products and services! We offer low-cost or free apprenticeship opportunities for women entrepreneurs with a well-approved business idea or a newly started business. The training takes place in person and virtually and covers a variety of business topics for all phases of the business. Acquire the skills and tools to start + evolve! The Idaho Connect Community Navigator pilot program is a hub and spoke model, with Idaho WBC as the hub and eight department-based organizations that will have a collective impact. Together, the team of community organizations is committed to identifying and supporting underserved and underserved entrepreneurs in Idaho. The Idaho Connect network of partner organizations will help address identified financial, digital and legal literacy gaps while increasing cultural knowledge and awareness. Idaho Connect will leverage partnerships with trusted community organizations to help small businesses take advantage of government opportunities and unlock critical additional SBA resources. In addition to shelves, Idaho Connect has many other resources and partners that are woven into a larger context to better serve Latino, Black, Native American, Veteran and female businesses that are lifelines for local, state, national and global economies. Expand your professional network by attending locally and nationally sponsored events.