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Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are reliable and modern packaging solutions. They are unique in terms of their manufacturing, material, and structure. As compared to traditional boxes, rigid packaging is highly functional. Usually, the retailers use them for the display and delivery of expensive products. In them, the value and demand of inside items significantly increase. Moreover, they enhance the protection of retail stuff against outside damages.

Luxury rigid boxes are becoming highly popular nowadays. They are effective for the packaging of various exclusive items. This includes watches, perfumes, jewelry, mobile phones, cosmetics, and more.

Custom Boxes Pack is among the leading Rigid Boxes manufacturers. We create and supply rigid packaging of exceptional quality. You can get them in many shapes, sizes, styles, and themes.

We offer rigid packaging boxes for all industries and products. Our boxes are matchless in terms of strength and exclusivity. However, they have the potential to quickly attract customers to your products. The rigid packaging we supply is four-time strong and thick than the average box. Hence, they are not directly printed. Instead of this, we wrap them with luxurious papers, foiling, sheets, and other features.

Such high-grade and premium packaging compliments the quality of the inside item. Through this, you can encounter significant business sales and revenues. Our rigid boxes wholesale are characterized by innovation, durability, and exceptional functionality. Hence, they are highly versatile solutions that can fulfill the packaging requirements of various industries. We provide them both for large and small businesses at attractive rates.

We offer all types of Rigid Boxes in Exceptional Designs

With a significant boost in the demand for packaging, the companies are introducing more innovative and reliable options. Among the Rigid boxes stand out. With their high-end structure, functionality and luxuriousness, these boxes are high in demand by modern retailers. Custom Boxes Pack has specialized in making an incredible collection of Rigid boxes for multiple products. We create them in an exceptional way with remarkable thickness and durability.

After making the structure, these boxes are wrapped with special sheets. They are elegant and sophisticated that do not require much printing. Hence, our team consists of experts and professionals who make high-end rigid packaging solutions. From start to end, we keep in view the advanced standards. However, attention is given to every detail in order to attain full customer satisfaction.

You can get them in multiple layouts, sizes, styles, and colors. We offer these boxes in many designs as per your product’s dimension and specific needs. Being the leading packaging company, we understand the diverse concerns of businesses and work accordingly. You can get the following rigid boxes types from us!

  • Book Style Boxes

As the name suggests, the structure of these boxes is similar to books. Book boxes are among the top types of rigid boxes that accommodate the valuable retail stuff excellently. Hence, these boxes are highly functional and advanced. One can easily open and close them to have a glimpse of the inside items. You can get book style boxes in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. Also, we offer plenty of embossing, coating, and finishing options.

  • Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Sell your products in our high-end collapsible rigid boxes that are reusable and structurally strong. We offer affordable and innovative collapsible boxes that are customizable in many ways.

You can get collapsible packaging in many shapes and sizes as per the production needs. These boxes are strong and durable and perfectly accommodate the products. Moreover, these boxes can be used again and again with the same newness and functionality.

  • Magnetic Closure Boxes

Magnetic closure boxes are high in demand because of their exceptional features. As the name suggests, these boxes come with a magnetic closure that makes them easy to open and close. We offer magnetic closure packaging in exclusive designs, layouts, and themes.

They hold the items perfectly while preventing all sorts of outside damages. Also, they allow customers to efficiently open the box to look at the inside products and then close it. The magnetic lock feature adds much to the demand and value of these boxes. You can get magnetic closure boxes for multiple items such as wallets, watches, perfumes, jewelry, and more.

  • Drawer Style Boxes

Get drawer style boxes to aesthetically display and sell valuable products. As the name suggests, these boxes have a drawer style structure. Also, they are referred to as slide open boxes. We at Custom Boxes Pack offer durable and premium drawer boxes in multiple styles. You can get them in a variety of sizes and layouts for different products.

We create and supply drawer boxes for watches, mobile phones, apparel, shoes, and many other valuable products. Our drawer style packaging can be open easily with a slide. In them, the customers can have a detailed look at products without taking them out. Hence, we offer drawer boxes in sophisticated themes, styles, and colors.

  • Chocolate Boxes

Being one of the top rigid boxes manufacturers, we offer a wide selection of luxury chocolate boxes at the best rates. From us, you can buy an incredible range of chocolate boxes in fascinating designs and shapes. We use recyclable material to make strong, durable, and innovative chocolate boxes.

They can be embossed and debossed in many ways. Also, we offer silver foiling, gold foiling, lamination, and luxury finishing options. With our exclusive chocolate packaging boxes, you can stimulate buyers’ attention swiftly.

  • Sleeve Boxes

Custom sleeve boxes are an incredible packaging choice for a variety of products. These boxes are strong, durable, and innovative. We offer a wide range of sleeve boxes for multiple products such as bakery products, watches, and more.

These boxes have two parts, one is the bottom part in which you place items and the other parts cover it. However, our sleeve packaging boxes are sturdy and innovative. They perfectly hold the inside items while enhancing their safety, appeal, and visibility. You can get them in all shapes, sizes, and designs to cast an everlasting impression on customers.

Get Custom Rigid Boxes in a Variety of Designs & Layouts

Packaging has a significant impact on business success. In the modern retailing world, people analyze a product’s worth with its packaging. Also, they are inclined to buy items that come in unique and innovative packaging. To impress customers, the retailers are investing in high-end boxes. Hence, Rigid boxes are the best choice in this regard.

We offer an incredible range of custom rigid boxes wholesale for multiple industries. Whatever your packaging requirements are, we can fulfill them in the best possible way. You can get these boxes in many shapes, sizes and styles. With us, the rigid box designs possibilities are endless. We use eco-friendly and durable materials to make them. Also, our company relies on the latest manufacturing and design trends. We offer high-quality and fascinating rigid boxes packaging that casts an everlasting impression on customers. Besides, these boxes take your product’s value and appeal to the next level.

By investing in our world-class rigid packaging solutions, you can encounter more business profits. You can select from our existing rigid box design templates. Also, we offer unlimited customization options. With us, you can get custom rigid boxes with logo, name, tagline, and other specific details. Moreover, we offer unlimited choices in terms of box structure, shapes, size, coating sheets, die-cutting, and more.

To perfectly accommodate the valuable items, we provide rigid boxes with inserts. Hence, our rigid setup boxes give extra protection and a unique appearance to your products. Custom Boxes Pack offers a wide range of design selections such as inserts, foil stamping, coating, lamination, embossing, debossing and more. Hence, we give you a chance to design rigid box packaging in the way you want.

Why choose us?

Custom Boxes Pack has a remarkable experience, reputation, and expertise in the packaging industry. Our team consists of expert designers and manufacturers who create high-end packaging solutions for various industries. Hence, we offer luxury rigid boxes wholesale in many designs and sizes for valuable retail stuff. The use of advanced designing, manufacturing, and die-cutting techniques allows us to make exceptional rigid packaging.

With our vast experience and skills, we have served many businesses and counting on more. From start to end, we keep in view the advanced safety standards. Also, we never compromise on the quality aspects. All our boxes are unique in terms of their sturdiness, structure, designs, and innovation. We work with excellence to attain full customer satisfaction on all levels. Besides, we provide free design support, free shipping, and fast turnarounds. Request a free quote now to book your order!